All-In-One Coffee Maker AC 250 ml NL-COF-7055 Black/Silver

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Noon east coffee machine prepares all types of coffee including espresso, cafe latte, mocha and cappuccino. Make your coffee breaks more exciting with the Noon East Coffee Maker. With its steam nozzle, you can also add froth to your coffee and make it more appealing.The coffee maker features an automatic steam pressure pump of 15 bar and a transparent removable water tank of 1.5L. The warm tray on its top keeps your coffee hot when you are preparing more than just a few cups for your guests or friends. Enjoy sipping your delicious coffee that will refresh you and keep you awake The maximum capacity of its boiler is 150ml. The swivel steam jet lets you froth up milk for cappuccino and caffe latte. Also, it can heat up your beverages when required.The aluminum coffee filter comes with a safety lock and scale, so your coffee doesn’t spill.

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  • Makes many different types of coffee like espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and many more
  • Steam nozzle allows you to control over the amount of froth you desire in your coffee
  • Keeping warm tray on top of the appliance allows you to keep your cup of coffee warm

OverviewWhether you like experimenting with your decoctions or prefer simple filter coffee, our range of coffee makers & accessories lets you enjoy a freshly-brewed beverage while saving you a trip to the cafe.Coffee makers have always been in demand because coffee is a hot beverage that people from all across the world love to drink. And a coffee maker is a kitchen appliance which makes the whole process of making a coffee, bliss. Prepare your morning cuppa with this coffee maker or take your love for java a step further and grind your own coffee beans with our grinder – this coffee maker will keep your daily caffeine supply up and running. And if you want a coffeehouse-style frothy cappuccino or latte the product will help you cream up your drink.Create professional quality coffees with a thick velvety crema, thanks to the machine’s high-pressure system.This automatic machine is so easy to use. Now getting your perfect cup of coffee is easy with this espresso/cappuccino coffee maker This 15 Bar capacity stylish coffeemaker is equipped with a steam-control knob and coffee strength selector Espresso-lovers will delight at the sheer ease of making just the right concoction It has a unique, removable drip-tray that makes it easy and convenient to clean You can set the required coffee strength to appeal to your taste-buds, thanks to this feature New N41576655A



Weight (kg) 3.56
Voltage AC 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Water Tank Capacity 1.6 litres
Bar Pressure 15 Bar
Capacity 250 ml
Colour Name Black/Silver
Energy Used Electric
Feature 1 Powder
Feature 3 Manual
Feature 4 Indicator Lights
Installation Countertop
Model Name NL-COF-7055
Model Number NL-COF-7055
Product Height 30 cm
Product Length 25 cm
Product Width/Depth 29.5 cm

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